creative portraiture - Long Island photographer

Hi, I’m Menucha

A creative for the Creator. Based out of Long Island, NY. I specialize in creative portraiture and self empowerment sessions.




I think working with you on my self empowerment session was really eye opening and honestly challenging. I haven’t had to do a deep self dive in a long time and I realized there were a lot of things I was pushing aside. You made me feel so comfortable and welcome. 

I love how the photos came out!!! 

Also, lately i’ve been feeling like an object people just perceive and sexualize, these photos are somewhat vulnerable and yet they make me feel really beautiful. 


Who do I serve?

I’m here for the Creator. I want to show you your inner beauty and strength; the ones you were created with. The light that shines through you, the one you can’t always see.

I’m here to serve the artists. The ones that chase sunsets and waterfalls and the ones that dream of doing so. I’m here to serve the aesthetes; the ones that admire art and want to transform their stories into art. The ones that know they are art, but don’t know how to transform their vision into actuality. I’m here to help you. Let’s co-create your story.




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